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“The Title Pawn Interest Treadmill” is a Never Ending Cycle of Wasted Money.

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You will often see title pawn companies advertising that they will give you endless amounts of money with the lowest rates in the industry. It seems like an offer that you can’t refuse, right? Wrong, this is the very offer that has been giving title loans and title pawns a bad name. The result is what we call “The Interest Treadmill”. This is not what title pawns were intended for. How do we know? Because we originated the idea of a title pawn nearly 30 years ago. We created title pawns in Georgia to help people who had short-term financial needs. By giving people a way to get money without risking their credit or having to sell one of their assets, we aimed to give people a relief from the stress that arises with untimely cash shortages.

Title Exchange is a Different Kind of Title Pawn Company!

  1. Title Exchange is a locally-owned, family-operated company. We offer title pawns in Georgia because we live in Georgia. We want to help the people in our community that need to catch a break to get back on their feet. Our Employees live in the communities in which they work, and we are able to hold our heads high, knowing our goal is to help people, not take advantage of them.
  2. We are the only company who calls attention to “The Interest Treadmill”. Why do we do this? Imagine this: You created a platform that is designed to help people, and someone else comes by and uses your idea to do the complete opposite thing for which your platform was created. We created title pawns to help people, and despite others taking advantage of our idea, we intend to help as many people as we can. That is why we offer the first 30 days interest free to new and old customers once per year and never charge interest after 4 months. Our customers know that a lower payout in combination with not over borrowing saves money and helps them get back on their feet. In well over 500,000 loans, TitleXchange has never had a formal complaint, and we are proud to continue to help our community and Keep You Off “The Title Pawn Interest Treadmill”.

Stop Running and Start Saving with Title Exchange